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Shatner Does Palin’s Speech On Conan

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How did this lady become governor again…. The words that are coming out of her mouth are so incoherent it makes me cry. William Shatner recites her speech in the only way he could – The Shatner way.

Head over to Gawker to see ALL of her incoherent moving of the mouth moments


What’s Wrong With This Pic?

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There’s something about this picture that makes me think that she’s going to be worse than the Bush Daughters.. I think this is Piper Palin


We Found Out “Who’s Nailin Paylin”!!

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Seems that the long awaited “Who’s Nailin Paylin” Porno Flick has taken place and was a success.
Check out the very NSFW pics and flicks and VID after the jump… Continue reading

Unedited Version of Palin Interviews

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Watch both all the way to the end


So..Who’s Nailin Palin??

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To answer that question you would have to wait until the dvd comes out. But Pornstar, Lisa Ann, is ready to show off her “experience” as Sarah couldn’t. There was actually a ad put out looking for the actress that my dude M.Rod posted a few back. Check it out HERE


Did You See The VP Debate Last Night???

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What are your thoughts on the debates?
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Palin Does Have Have Foreign Experience

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The New Yorker’s take on Palin’s experience on foreign experience