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Obama And His Amazingly Consistant Face

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s a video of Obama taking photos with different people at the G20 Summit. His smile and position is the same in every photo. I think it was actually a statue from Madame Tussauds


Well Is He???

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The look on the head Dems of Executive Office looking towards Republican heckler during Obama’s Presidential address. It was actually. Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Grow Up guy

Obama So Far

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Picture 5

This is the cover of the new Rolling Stone magazine with a portrait created by Shepard Fairey

Fairey says

Rather than looking like a slick propaganda poster like the “Hope” image did, I wanted it to have more of a painterly look. There’s also a collage in the background, with a lot of different experiences and voices and textures organically mixing together. Also in regards to the painterly aspect, I purposely left the bottom [edge] unfinished, which is both a reference to Gilbert Stuart’s unfinished George Washington portrait, and also meant to speak to the fact that Obama’s presidency has just begun.

Ziggy & Rita Marley At the White House

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6613_1094231231280_1091532541_30244229_6736221_nThis is a very good look. Ziggy and Rita Marley visited the Obama family at the White House.

A Day In Tha Life Of…”Voting”

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Today is Election Day and either Barack Obama or John McCain will be the next President of The United States. Since this is the most anticipated presidential election EVER, please make sure that you are ready to help make history by following this quick guide to voting. Are You Ready??

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New Source Mag

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Diddy Kids Are Cute..

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