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Ciara Does MTV

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Here’s some photos of the sexy Ciara that she did for MTV. She betta give Keri some respect before she wants to have a 1 on with her..I think Keri will beat that ass, lol.


‘Daddy’s Girls’ Are On Their Own

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I have to admit, Run’s House is one of the few reality shows that I watch on TV. It is a decent show with little nonsense strong family values. So when I heard that Angela and Vanessa Simmons were getting a spin-off show, I wasn’t even mad at it. All I could think of is, at least its not another dating show with a stupid ass name (cough cough, VH1). But the trailer for the show is sort-of Hill’ish but it looks good. Check it out

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kanye West – Love Lockdown

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Here’s “Love Lockdown” performed by Kanye at the
2008 MTV Video Music Awards.
Kanye is going hard this year. He is planning on dropping another album by years end. The album is possibly going to be called
808’s and Heartbreaks

What you think about this song?


08 VMA Ladies

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Since the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards was sooooo f’ing lame with The Host, Russell Brand talking so damn fast in his English accent that no-one understood what the hell he was saying, Brittney magically getting three awards while no-one even seen her video before last night and the best performance was T.I. with Rihanna, I’m just going to post pics of the ladies who made they show a little better just by showing up. ENJOY. I hopes this makes up for ur time loss.

Ladies and Gentlemen…The O So Sexy Ladies of the VMAs

Ahh Yes…That takes the sting out of it just a little

Pic Source: Fashion Manifesto

They S-s-s-t-t-tutter!!

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I was watching this and it was kind of hard to watch. One of the guy literally was stuck on a word for 10 seconds and the person on the phone hung up. He damn there cried.
Check out the intro to True Life – I Stutter.

2008 MTV Video Music Awards

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This Sunday the 7th is the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards Live from Hollywood at 9PM. This event is one of the few that I will actually sit down and tolerate. It’s going to be hosted by Actor/Comedian Russell Brand, who is a English Bloke I first seen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (which was HILARIOUS). Set to perform is Weezy, Mr. West, Christina Aguilera, Jonas Brothers, and Brittney Spears will be Opening the show, hopefully redeeming herself from her last spectacle. At least she’s looking way better so i have a feeling she’s going to do well

I heard that they gave Yeezy the closing rights. I know his ass is happy. And i wouldn’t be mad cuz after I went to the GLOW CONCERT AT MSG, i believe he should close at least 3-4 times a decade for now on, lol.

This is the Gift bag that the stars get. Damn i need to be there next year.

Gotta Respect It

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Sway and Kanye teamed up with Choose or Lose to go around to unsuspecting people who are going thru hardships to suprise them with different things like paying their rent, bills, school loans and etc. The Piece is called “Homecoming”. I really respect that Kanye is using his money to do things like this for people who really need it. I hope that other artists and people of wealth follow suit and do tha same.

It aired yesterday on MTV, didnt really hear about it until this morning from my dide Ken.
Click HERE for full descrip on Kanye’s page. Here’s the promo for it.