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Dark Knight Come Out Today

Posted in Movies with tags , on December 9, 2008 by jayev3ryday


The Dark Knight comes out on DVD today. If you haven’t seen this yet then this is your perfect chance to do so. Probably one of the best movies of the year with the superb acting from the late Heath Ledger, this is the most anticipated DVD release since the summer blockbuster. It will be a two-disk special and is going for $20.99 on Amazon.


Dark Knight On DVD…(Slow Clap)

Posted in Movies with tags , , on October 24, 2008 by jayev3ryday

YESSS….This will be bought ASAP. Im not even sure who the other dude in this movie was, lol, but Heath Ledger’s Oscar worthy performance will make this DVD an instant classic. If you haven’t seen this yet, buy this and watch it on the best 1080p flatscreen, dolby digital setting you can find. it will be well worth it. The Dark Knight DVD is available at Amazon right now for Pre-Orders for $16.99 and is set to come out on December 9th.

“Why So Serious?” Converse Kicks

Posted in Sneakers with tags , , , on August 22, 2008 by jayev3ryday

Here’s some kicks that my homegirl Int. Sherry sent to me.
Its custom made and it’s tight.
Captured Heath as the Joker perfectly.
Check out the site to see how they made it.. CLICK HERE

314 Times Platinum

Posted in Movies with tags , , on July 28, 2008 by jayev3ryday

These dudes proly seen it 4 times each.

The Dark Knight made $314, 245, 211 in ticket sales in 10 days.
All Time it is 23rd on the list 2 behind Iron Man

Did you see it yet??? Im ready to see it again in IMAX

Heath + Joker = Oscar????

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I have to give it up to The Dark Knight. That was the best 2 and a half hour movie i have seen in a long time. And Heath Ledger…..Heath went IN on this role. He took this Joker role and made it his own. DAMN. Jack did good job but Heath went in like he knew it was his last performance. I heard some rumors that this role might have led to his own demise. In some ways i can see how that can be true, if he really got into character. I didn’t really follow him throughout his career but i would have to say that this movie would have brought him to the frontline for sure. I really hope that when the Academy awards are given that he receives something?

What did you think about the movie?
And if you didnt see it….What the Hell You Waiting For???

Dark Knight Fitteds

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Just in time for the release of the Dark Knight movie, Amazing Store has released the Joker and Batman fitteds. Im pretty sure i wil be seeing a lot of people on the line with hella Batman Apparrel…and i respect it. In the NY Daily News today, it says that Heath Ledger gave a hell of a performance and that he may get an Oscar for it.

I damn sure can’t wait to see this

The Dark Knight Opens Friday

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The Dark Knight opens in theaters everywhere this Friday. Its also in IMAX theaters as well. This stars Chritian Bale as Bruce Wayne and the late Heath Ledger who plays the Joker. Just off the Joker’s look in the movie, this looks like its going to be a movie to remember. This was Heath’s last movie before his death, so this might pull in a lot of revenue just off that.

Heres The Full HD Trailer for The Dark Knight.

What do you think is going to be outcome, sales wise?