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Christian Bale Goes Bat S**t on Peter Griffin!!!

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I seen this episode on Sunday and this part was funny as hell.


Terminator Salvation Trailer

Posted in Movies with tags , , on December 10, 2008 by jayev3ryday

Here’s the new trailer for the upcoming Terminator: Salvation movie starring Dark Knight’s Christian Bale. This movie looks like its going to be exciting. I think I seen Common in here also. I feel him, he’s making full use of his S.A.G. card. Definitely a movie that I will be seeing. Comes out in May of 2009

Dark Knight On DVD…(Slow Clap)

Posted in Movies with tags , , on October 24, 2008 by jayev3ryday

YESSS….This will be bought ASAP. Im not even sure who the other dude in this movie was, lol, but Heath Ledger’s Oscar worthy performance will make this DVD an instant classic. If you haven’t seen this yet, buy this and watch it on the best 1080p flatscreen, dolby digital setting you can find. it will be well worth it. The Dark Knight DVD is available at Amazon right now for Pre-Orders for $16.99 and is set to come out on December 9th.

Dark Knight Fitteds

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Just in time for the release of the Dark Knight movie, Amazing Store has released the Joker and Batman fitteds. Im pretty sure i wil be seeing a lot of people on the line with hella Batman Apparrel…and i respect it. In the NY Daily News today, it says that Heath Ledger gave a hell of a performance and that he may get an Oscar for it.

I damn sure can’t wait to see this