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BET Summer Kick Off – 7/30

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Last week at M2 Lounge in Chelsea, The BET Summer Kick Off hosted by Stephen Hill of BET went down. A lot of people came out to support Arrt and BET. Some of the people that came through were Terrence J and Rocsi from 106 and Park, Tocarra and more. Check out the photos and the rest after the jump…


DSC_0246Tocorra, Stephen Hill and BET fam



Low-Key taking over the couches and letting management know how he feels about it


DSC_0227Rocsi took my camera and started taking some shots in the party. She’s kinda good…


DSC_0209Terrence J Saluting

DSC_0253I think I gave my camera out to about 4 people that night, lol


DSC_0159MJ was on..

DSC_0185Tashana and Low-Key


DSC_0174BET familia going IN on that poor couch


There are a lot more photos after the jump… Enjoy.. Continue reading


BET Rising Icons: The-Dream – 7/30

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Thursday night was great night for events. At Hiro Ballroom, BETs Rising Icons featuring The-Dream was the main event. As expected there was a phenomenal turnout and we had to make sure we got into this. Once we were in, we got our drinks and partied the night away. Even we didn’t stay the whole duration to see The-Dream perform, everything before was a blast and these pictures show it. Thanks Bloc Group (holla at me, Ill be your event photographer, I have great prices, lol)

DSC_0013Jersey Boyz


DSC_0019Shout to Bloc


DSC_0041The Homeboy Fred

DSC_0049Getting Besos from Shi..Yehhhh lol

DSC_0038Nice group shot ladies…


DSC_0082Me, Pre and Malik






DSC_0030Peso, Omar and me

DSC_0015Puma from Black Ink Gallery

DSC_0003bonus pre-event lovliness

There are a hell of a lot more photos after the jump…
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Capturing Jeremih’s Visit To 106 and Park

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Picture 3

On Monday, I headed down to the the BET offices to meet up with my homey, Low-Key, to chronicle the up an coming R&B sensation Jeremih. His single, Birthday Sex, is #1 damn there everywhere and he is set to make an appearance on BET’s 106 and Park to debut the video for it. He is still getting used to the spotlight and the glamor and being on 106 and Park is a big deal, especially since this is the first time a new-comer is given a chance to debut a their video LIVE. Pressure..Yes, but Jeremih kept it cool and went through the day successfully.

Click HERE to check out the photos I took of his experience at BET. And if you haven’t seen the video yet you can see it HERE




BET Awards Nomination Special

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My homeboy Nile blessed me with access to the BET Awards Nomination Special on 106 and Park. Here are some of the photos of the night. Sorry I dont have no info on it really. The only info that you need to know is that Keri Hilson is sexy as hell and I took a million photos of her, lol. To see all of the nominees you can go to

DSC_0093Jamie Foxx

DSC_0110Soulja Boy Tell Em…ICY

DSC_0137Keri Hilson (heart) I told yall i was gonna meet her…

DSC_0144Keri and Pharrell


DSC_0231Ryan Leslie


The Dream came thru with Christina Milian. I tried to get a pic of her on the upstairs but it was dark and we couldn’t use flash while live, damn. all i seen was blonde hair, lol


Day 26 was on stage doing the stanky leg during commercial, lol

Terrence J Birthday Party at Retreat

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Last night was BET’s 106 and Park Co-Host, Terrence J’s birthday party at Retreat in NYC and my homey Low-Key hooked me up the photographer gig for the night. The place was kind of small for the expected large amount of people to come but everything went well. Free drinks, good music and a lot of celebs came out to wish Terrence happy birthday. Check out the photos here and then go to to see the feature.


terrencejbday44Kevin Lyles, Terrence and Stephen Hill

terrencejbday23BET’s CEO Debra Lee came out to wish TJ happy birthday along with Pierre of Harlem Heights

terrencejbday54D.Woods came thru to sing Happy Birthday

terrencejbday30Sorry I didnt get a better pic of you Rocsi

terrencejbday56Pleasure P up in the DJ booth with Terrence

terrencejbday51Me and my homey and fellow photog Christian

terrencejbday34My crew showing them pearly whites and Malik photobombing

terrencejbday28Tashana, Low-Key and their friend

terrencejbday25Aleesha Renee came through and gave me a big smile

terrencejbday01My homegirl Aly and her boo


terrencejbday52Vashtie and Elle came thru. I dont know them like that but I want to.. nudge nudge..Santos, lol.

terrencejbday49Billie Sunshine and me chilling

terrencejbday22Pierre and Briana of Harlem Heights

terrencejbday09Fellow bloggers: Martine (, LowKey (, Blogxilla ( and Aura (

More Photos After The Jump… Continue reading

TasteMaker Tuesdays At Grace Hotel – 3/31

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Last night was Tastemaker Tuesdays At Grace Hotel hosted by BET’s Stephen Hill. Great Night, Great People, Great Music

To see all of the Photos of the night click HERE AT PHOTOSBYROME.COM


Harlem Heights Premiere

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Ok, So last night was the premiere of the first two episodes of BET’s Harlem Heights. This is basically the The Hills in the Hood supposedly. Everybody in Harlem, including myself tuned in to see what the hype was about, who they would know, what places in Harlem they would recognize and is this worth watching next week. I knew a couple of the girls from the supporting cast but that’s it.

My verdict… it gets 3 Harlem H’s out of 5, lol. This group consists of a group of 20 something year olds who are doing their thing trying to be successful while living in Harlem. I guess the only qualms I have with the show is that it seems too set up, the drama seems scripted as hell and the cast aren’t that interesting. It seemed a bit extra…But it’s still good to have Harlem in the spotlight, maybe I can get a photoshoot with them. The chick below is Brooke who was Kanye’s Ex..and she is the baddest of the group. Real Keri Hilson-ish.

You can get more pics, video and bios over at Check out these photos of them at the premiere party last night at Apollo Theater…