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What You See May Not Be Real

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China Financial Crisis Art

This sculpture, “What You See May Not Be Real” created by Chen Wenling, was displayed at a Beijing gallery on Sunday. The bull represents the market crisis and the man pinned on the wall represents Bernie Madoff. He should really think about bringing this to the states to show. [VIA]


Well Is He???

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The look on the head Dems of Executive Office looking towards Republican heckler during Obama’s Presidential address. It was actually. Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Grow Up guy


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President Barack Obama, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sergeant James Crowley have a talk over some beers. Love it.
via: White House Flickr Page

Ziggy & Rita Marley At the White House

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6613_1094231231280_1091532541_30244229_6736221_nThis is a very good look. Ziggy and Rita Marley visited the Obama family at the White House.

Jokes @ White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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This weekend was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and it was a night of jokes and fun. President Obama gets up on the stage and proves why he’s the coolest president EVER.

Wanda Sykes was also asked to come through and … well just look. She keeps it real throughout the whole bit and has the audience and Barack in tears. I was a bit scared that she was going to take it tooo far but she kept it inline..kinda, lol.

Protests at G20 Summit in London

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g01_18515423Seems that the London blokes do not take kindly to the G20 Summit that was held. Protesters were going nuts. And Bloomberg is talking about NY is ready for the Summit. Im Good…



See all of the photos at The Big Picture

The Ponzi Scheme Revisited

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This basic equation at More New Math pretty much explains the whole Madoff fiasco. At the end all you’re left with is “on”, which is backwards for ‘no’ and short for ‘nothing’.