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Creative Jesus Movie Titles

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tumblr_ksr6npZWZj1qzpwi0o1_500Im staying away from this one [VIA]


Asian Calvin In Real Life

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calvinI used to always read Calvin and Hobbs in the newspaper everyday when i was younger. Asians are so cool i swear. I met 5 Japanese girls through out the night yesterday. so random… [VIA]

Have A Happy And Safe Halloween

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While Kanye ruins peoples Halloween check out this Halloween Math video/

Real Life Winnie The Pooh

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This is a great shirt that can be found on The crazy part is that Piglet is the one all of them have to really worry about. Lol jk

I Love The Effort

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…there were more signs after that actually said…”Sike again Jennifer, Your stuff is outside the trailer already!” lol [VIA]

Invisible Dogs Spotted In Brooklyn

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Improv Everywhere, If you don’t know by now is good for making public scenes and disruptions and having people totally confused yet amused. This latest mission, Thank You, Invisible Dog, was to get a bunch of people to walk around Brooklyn with an invisible dog. There isn’t any video yet of it but you can check Agent Nicholson’s Photos as well as Agent Sokoler’s Photos of the day. Look like they had a good time. One day I’m going take advantage of being an agent and do a mission or at least take photos.



Anonymous Source Fail

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air going FOR THE WIN [VIA]