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Prank Wars 8: The Skydiving Prank

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Streeter and Amir from College Humor have an ongoing prank war and have been recording it for our viewing pleasures. So much that they got a series call Pranked on MTV. Funny Stuff. This new prank by Amir is pay back for Streeter’s Half Court Shot Prank that i blogged about before. You can see all of their pranks HERE. Friends… Aren’t they great?



Best Exit Interview Ever

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I’m guessing that the Tom’s friend who referred him to Verizon also got an exit interview sheet. [VIA]

Invisible Dogs Spotted In Brooklyn

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Improv Everywhere, If you don’t know by now is good for making public scenes and disruptions and having people totally confused yet amused. This latest mission, Thank You, Invisible Dog, was to get a bunch of people to walk around Brooklyn with an invisible dog. There isn’t any video yet of it but you can check Agent Nicholson’s Photos as well as Agent Sokoler’s Photos of the day. Look like they had a good time. One day I’m going take advantage of being an agent and do a mission or at least take photos.



Sometimes I Feel Like This…

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Maybe without the flying off with rocket flames coming out of my ass like explosive diarrhea part, lol. [VIA]

That Damn Joe Wilson

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Picture 2

Senator Joe Wilson has officially become a meme since his heckling of the Presideent the other day. Go to Joe Wilson Is Your Pre-existing Condition to see what else senator Joe Wilson did….


Car Salesman Sells Douchbag A Caddy With Flux Capacitor

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Picture 1

What’s an Escalade without it???

Backstory via The High Definite via Jalopnik:

I feel I have to post this.
I worked as a sales person for a store in the Woodbridge/Vaughn area of Ontario. This area is notorious for ignorant douchers. Think “my new haircut”/ I wish I was from Jersey.

So close to the end of my car selling days before my career change I stopped caring and started having fun.

I end up with one of these douchers, on a test drive in a used Caddy Escalade.
So he is all “I know everything about cars” with me, and he is clearly a Prada sunglasses wearing knob. He kept referring to the Escalade as a “Sclade” and a “dirty whip”.

When we talked about the wheels he called them “duce duces” as this particular Cadillac was on the factory 22″ rims.


Out on the test drive I start on about how this truck isn’t too bad on gas because this particular truck has a…………wait for it………

Flux Capacitor.

He said “Oh Yeah? Sweet….. I read about that in a popular mechanics at the doctor’s office” I am sure during a herpes check.

I actually wrote Flux Capacitor on the deal sheet in the options list we would write out to build value in the deal.

I closed the deal, in turn….I have sold a flux capacitor.
I held descent gross, but the guy got a good truck, and even being a douche he was taken care of nicely.

But the clown peni$ bought a flux capacitor.

Here is a scanned copy of the deal sheet. Enjoy. (circled in orange)

It’s Complicated via LameBook

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This is the most retarded back and forth relationship status crap I have ever seen. There are a lot of “these girls” on facebook and it makes me sick to my stomach. But the good thing is that it’s entertaining and it let’s us know how dumb they are and not to keep in contact with you. lol. Click the jump to see the rest of the Sierra x Gary drama which ended this Summer and see a whole lot more Facebook fails on