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Bicycle 125th Anniversary Playing Cards

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I just bought some Bicycle cards the other day to play spades and I would have never known that they were around for 125 years. Theory 11 is commemorating Bicycle’s 125th anniversary with special edition playing cards. They have the vintage look and the signature metallic foil. These are being sold on Theory 11’s site for a very affordable $5 each in either a red or blue deck. I am going to buy 2 of each. Who’s up for Spades when I get them? [VIA]


Lego x Muji

Posted in Creative Designs with tags , on November 24, 2009 by jayev3ryday

Ever since they popped up in the city from Japan I’ve loved Muji products. They has a very simple yet effective style to them. And this Muji and Lego set collaboration proves it. It features plain cream colored blocks and colored paper and to make paper figurines like the ones pictured below. Very different and cool. Check out the stores located in Soho and near times square.

My GoodWood Jesus Piece Arrived

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Last month I blogged about how GoodWood was making limited edition Wooden Jesus Pieces. So far some celebs got their exclusive all black ones and I got mines in the mail yesterday and I am loving it right now. Fresh wood smell rocks. Check out the video below of Big Sean receiving his custom Pow! chains. I was saying the same thing when I unwrapped my chain. Watch out for me in the city flaunting this bad boy. I’m going to get my PBR logo engraved into it soon.
Thanks GoodWood.

Pirates Vs. Ninjas Checker Set

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I haven’t play checkers in a while but I will definitely start up a few games if I had this in my house. This Pirates and Ninja Checker Set by GooseGrease is a really cool. It’s going for $150 on etsy, so if you get it make sure you don’t lose any of the pieces like I did. [VIA]


Good Wood Jesus Piece

Posted in Creative Designs, Fashion with tags , , , on October 19, 2009 by jayev3ryday


CtoTheJL and Good Wood has come together to create this nice 30-inch maple wood Jesus piece. It’s only going to be released on the Good Wood site and they even made a few black wood pieces for select individuals. I really want this… I think imma buy it.. What do you think? The Black one will be so mean.



Throwboy – Chat Pillows

Posted in Creative Designs with tags , on September 21, 2009 by jayev3ryday

wtfThese chat pillow are perfect for the person who is the internet chat fanatic. They have a whole lot more for $30 each at Throwboy

40 Years Of Gap

Posted in Creative Designs, Fashion with tags , on September 17, 2009 by jayev3ryday


The Gap has some great stuff. Here is the cool limited edition packaging by the Gap who is celebrating their 40th anniversary. Here’s their story behind the packaging as seen on Lovely Package:

“San Francisco, summer 1969, Doris & Don Fisher created GAP with the simple idea of “jeans and disc”, a place for everyone to find a great fitting pair of jeans. 40 years on, GAP 1969 concept store in Kingly Court (UK) celebrates this heritage with a collection of exclusive denim styles, T shirts, and designer collaborations. 69 units of each only. Each pair is packaged in a 12 Inch Gap 1969 record sleeve.”

BTW, they have a 40 percent off sale right now. GET ON IT