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My GoodWood Jesus Piece Arrived

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Last month I blogged about how GoodWood was making limited edition Wooden Jesus Pieces. So far some celebs got their exclusive all black ones and I got mines in the mail yesterday and I am loving it right now. Fresh wood smell rocks. Check out the video below of Big Sean receiving his custom Pow! chains. I was saying the same thing when I unwrapped my chain. Watch out for me in the city flaunting this bad boy. I’m going to get my PBR logo engraved into it soon.
Thanks GoodWood.


I’ll Be Back…

Posted in About Me on November 11, 2009 by jayev3ryday


Going on a short trip outta town. Ill be back soon and will definitely get the blog going smoothly again. Feel free to browse back and see what you’ve missed. For now look at these FAIL videos…

and this…

Mishka Hat Has Arrived

Posted in About Me, Fashion with tags on November 10, 2009 by jayev3ryday


So I finally got my Mishka Heatseeker Pom Hat that I blog about a couple of months ago. It came with stickers and a cd sampler. I can’t wait to break this out in the cold weather.

Sterle Look Book Shoot

Posted in About Me, photography with tags on November 5, 2009 by jayev3ryday


Did last minute shoot yesterday afternoon and it turned out to be great check out a bit more of the photos on my Photography Site…



Random Photos I Took This Week

Posted in About Me, photography with tags on October 30, 2009 by jayev3ryday


So yesterday I got the keys to my photo studio space and I am really excited to get some new images in. Ill keep you updated. Make sure to check out my budding portfolio site…



Guess What October 15th Is?…

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Yup, today is my 25th birthday. Damn, a whole quarter century on this earth. I’m getting old. Won’t be much blogging today but I will be back on Monday possibly with some pics and some good stories. Until then, I hope you have a great weekend.

tidbit: The post was set to go up at 10:15 am, lol.

My New Site…

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Picture 1

Check out my new and improved photography portfolio website. I worked hard on it and it actually made me want to shoot more now. Hopefully this will bring more business and opportunities my way..