Sarah Silverman – “Sell The Vatican, Feed The World”

Sarah Silverman has to be the funniest woman ever. Check out her idea to feed the world. Genius? Maybe. Think about those Arby’s employees


2 Responses to “Sarah Silverman – “Sell The Vatican, Feed The World””

  1. Hey! I’ve been thinking along those lines for the last 30 years! Every time that I go by some Glitzy,Glass faced,marble columned (and porticoed), mega blitzkreig church of the almighty rich folks,I just get so sickened that I want to pull out all of my hair(and theirs,too)… I mean COME ON! Is it that these people need a preview of what will be on in their next episode? I mean COME ON! The guy that they worship was a carpenter, for Goddess’ sake! What do you think HE would do if he heard what people have been doing in his name for the last 2 thousand years? HUH? Think he might be just a teeny-tiny bit pissed off? WTF- Even if someone just sold ONE of these new billion dollar mega churches, that could at least buy 1 big mac for everyone in Ethiopia that’s starving. Or is it so important that no rich people would even consider going to church without these places?.. If I could think this up as a little kid, I’ve gotta think someone else just might have had the same idea by now. But hey, Their rich, why should they care who is dying just so they can have the chance to see and be seen in some mega-social,we’re all better than them place ofg their own- but DON’T stoop so low as to call it a church. It’s a rich-folks Wallmart for god. I give up. Just thinking about this makes me sick to my stomach(literally),and makes me want to cry. Thank you, Amy. It’s nice to actually hear that I’m not all alone in this.
    (Even if we tour them all down and sold them for scrap, that would go a long way.)

  2. Oops! I apologize for my lack of proofreading before I hit the button. R’

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