Glow In The Dark Concert Book

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Even though Kanye West can be a dickhead at times, his performance ability can quickly overshadow any outburst during award shows. The Kanye West Glow In The Dark Concert at Madison Square Garden was the best concert I have ever been to. This guy literally put on a story  and played it out to the audience through his songs. It was amazing. Nabil Elderkin captured the concerts through his great photography and 400 of his photos will be published in this 288 page book coming out in my birthday month. (hint) The book will have photos from the whole tour and will also feature an interview with tour collaborator Spike Jonze. I definitely need this and will be getting it when it comes out. You can get it on and the premium book from its publisher, Rizzoli Bookstore 1-800-52-BOOKS. via:Kanye Blog




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  1. […] I was in Park Slope at Havana Outpost and decided to buy the Glow In The Dark book that I blogged about last week at a new book store that opened up. It has some great images in there from his whole tour, birthday […]

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