Living Under Las Vegas

Picture 5

Sin City aka Las Vegas is a place where people go to try to test their luck and win big money. Below all the booze, card games and walks of shame lies a hidden city. Homeless people who are not as lucky found themselves living in the flood tunnels under the strip setting up shop and making what is considered a “home”.

Picture 7

There are many couples down in the tunnels who work their way from under to above ground everyday to survive.

“We work our way down the strip. The most I’ve ever found is 997 dollars (£609) on one machine. I’ve found about $500 a few times. But normally $20 or so is enough to call it a night. “We buy food and supplies like shampoo and soap. Last night I went and watched the new Quentin Tarantino movie Inglourious Basterds up at the Palms Hotel.”

Check out this video of ABCs Nightline report on the story and a full article on The Sun


One Response to “Living Under Las Vegas”

  1. Wow, u talk about surviving! I didn’t even know they had flood tunnels under Sin City. Hey, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. Well at least they don’t have to deal with harsh cold weather like here in Illinois.

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