Invisible Dogs Spotted In Brooklyn


Improv Everywhere, If you don’t know by now is good for making public scenes and disruptions and having people totally confused yet amused. This latest mission, Thank You, Invisible Dog, was to get a bunch of people to walk around Brooklyn with an invisible dog. There isn’t any video yet of it but you can check Agent Nicholson’s Photos as well as Agent Sokoler’s Photos of the day. Look like they had a good time. One day I’m going take advantage of being an agent and do a mission or at least take photos.




2 Responses to “Invisible Dogs Spotted In Brooklyn”

  1. LoL! i love those, i’ve seen one of them..woops, they’re invisible..hahaha..

  2. LOL my friend got one where you press a button and it barks. Wish we could do something like this in UK

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