Car Salesman Sells Douchbag A Caddy With Flux Capacitor

Picture 1

What’s an Escalade without it???

Backstory via The High Definite via Jalopnik:

I feel I have to post this.
I worked as a sales person for a store in the Woodbridge/Vaughn area of Ontario. This area is notorious for ignorant douchers. Think “my new haircut”/ I wish I was from Jersey.

So close to the end of my car selling days before my career change I stopped caring and started having fun.

I end up with one of these douchers, on a test drive in a used Caddy Escalade.
So he is all “I know everything about cars” with me, and he is clearly a Prada sunglasses wearing knob. He kept referring to the Escalade as a “Sclade” and a “dirty whip”.

When we talked about the wheels he called them “duce duces” as this particular Cadillac was on the factory 22″ rims.


Out on the test drive I start on about how this truck isn’t too bad on gas because this particular truck has a…………wait for it………

Flux Capacitor.

He said “Oh Yeah? Sweet….. I read about that in a popular mechanics at the doctor’s office” I am sure during a herpes check.

I actually wrote Flux Capacitor on the deal sheet in the options list we would write out to build value in the deal.

I closed the deal, in turn….I have sold a flux capacitor.
I held descent gross, but the guy got a good truck, and even being a douche he was taken care of nicely.

But the clown peni$ bought a flux capacitor.

Here is a scanned copy of the deal sheet. Enjoy. (circled in orange)


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