Young Harlem Anti-Violence Gala – 8/18


On Tuesday night at Harlem’s SVNTN Below lounge, Young Harlem, a newly formed non-profit group, held an anti-violence gala. The group was organized by Harlem resident Tiffany Bender, a mutual friend of mines, was formed to promote non-violence and bring back hope to Harlem. Below is Tiffany’s motivation for starting the group…

I had the summer of 2008 completely planned out; it would mark the first official summer of my college career. I was ready to go back to my Harlem neighborhood and be the go-to-girl for all of my younger peers for their questions about university life. That summer however, did not go as smoothly as planned. On a cool night in June, my friends and I witnessed what could be compared to a massacre of our very own peers. During the daylight hours, everyone seemed to be enjoying family cookouts and local bar-b-q’, but by sun down it seemed as though every young black male over thirteen was toting a fire arm. Fighting and violence is unfortunately not uncommon in my neighborhood, this night however seemed unreal. Even as I recount this story in my head, I am moved to tears at the embarrassment and fear I felt for my community and my peers. That night over a dozen young black men and women were shot and wounded, but an unfortunate few were left dead on the streets of Harlem; a place we call home.

For more information or if you think you may want to help this new group in any way, you can contact Tiffany through email at






To see the rest of the photos of the night click the jump..











2 Responses to “Young Harlem Anti-Violence Gala – 8/18”

  1. Thanks Again Rome!

  2. Hello Tiffany

    Idon’t know if you remeber me, but I have family in Harlem. Please talk to me or send an email tyo let me know how I can help. We have a viollence problem here in Syracuse. Many African Americans here as well either don’t know or don’t care to take out thier anger in anyother way than with deadly force.

    Ray Johnson

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