Fabolous Listening Session and Movie Premiere


Tuesday was Fabolous’ Listening Session held at Helen Mills theater in NYC. His upcoming album is much anticipated and with the Throw It In The Bag Remix featuring Drake dropping on the blog the day before, it’s gotten a little boost in interest. The selections that the Best of Both Offices crew played were are good songs. The one I particularly liked the most was the collabo with Marsha Ambrosious of Floetry. Loso’s Way, the movie Fab says is kind of parallel to his life also premiered that night. Very good concept but not a Belly or even a State Prop, lol, but still good for what it was. Overall, I was pretty sold on the album and will most likely be getting this album when it comes out.



2 Responses to “Fabolous Listening Session and Movie Premiere”

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  2. […] only right that they release the video for the hottest single on the album. I seen this video at his listening session last week and I was impressed. Here is Everything, Everyday, Everywhere ft Ryan Leslie & the Keri […]

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