Capturing Jeremih’s Visit To 106 and Park

Picture 3

On Monday, I headed down to the the BET offices to meet up with my homey, Low-Key, to chronicle the up an coming R&B sensation Jeremih. His single, Birthday Sex, is #1 damn there everywhere and he is set to make an appearance on BET’s 106 and Park to debut the video for it. He is still getting used to the spotlight and the glamor and being on 106 and Park is a big deal, especially since this is the first time a new-comer is given a chance to debut a their video LIVE. Pressure..Yes, but Jeremih kept it cool and went through the day successfully.

Click HERE to check out the photos I took of his experience at BET. And if you haven’t seen the video yet you can see it HERE





One Response to “Capturing Jeremih’s Visit To 106 and Park”

  1. […] at Providence nightclub. It was also the official album release of Jeremih. After tagging along and taking photos of him at BET’s 106 & Park i figured i will come out and show support for the cool dude. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to […]

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