Trip To LA – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

DSC_0340Street blocked off from somebody getting bodied

So I went to California this weekend and it…was an experience. I’m going to describe the trip along with showing you some of the photos I took. Not really going to go into deep specifics but…

Day 1: We start off with one of the girls getting a spoiled milk McDonalds McCafe at JFK and nearly jumping over the counter. Next we get on the plane, with no entertainment or food with cramped seating. Enterprise gives us the run around and have us spend 30 dollars in pointless cab rides 20 minutes into LAX. Then they rape us with hidden charges. We check in and they give us some motel style room which we immediately demand them to change. After a jet-lag nap we end the day at a diner.


DSC_0479Girl plays in fountain

DSC_0476Hollywood sign in the Smog

Day 2: We decide to go shopping in Beverly Hills. Make a pit stop so Leeia can talk with the promoter, Marcus, about performance that night. End up taking 2 random Jamaican along because they were going that way. We’re looking, looking, go up escalator and get sucked into PinkBerry, PRIME LOCATION PLANNING. couldn’t resist. about an hour after we finish shopping and make our way back to the hotel. Rasta gyal calls me asking if we were done…??? Me: Oooo, we been finished, Marcus said he will come pick u up.” Girls: That’s F’d up Me: Well That’s what he said, Right…

DSC_0483Shout out to Farrah fighting the good fight

DSC_0462The movie “UP” had a premiere parade out Hollywood Blvd

DSC_0406View up Rodeo Drive

Day 2 con’t: After we change, we head out to try to catch the Undefeated x Converse event. We drive all the way out to Sunset Blvd but its getting late so we dip into a parking spot and into a Sushi Restaurant/Club. Food is terrible. I go out to feed the meter….CAR IS FUCKING GONE. I go inside and come back out to regroup and make sure this was really happening. I asked and they all said that they came through and scooped up the whole block. WTF. I go inside, tell the girls, pay and make our way to the tow company.



DSC_0401I matched the Ferrari

Day 2 con’t again: We get to the Hollywood towing and the tow was 240 and change plus a ticket. We agree to pay to get it out but he says that we have to give them the rental agreement…which happens to be at the Hotel! (Smacks Head) We call Enterprise, CLOSED, then we call the hotel. Manager picks up, we explain to him the situation and that all we need is to have them go into out room, get the pink paper on the desk and fax it so we can go. He says “No! he can’t.” we explain that we are literally about 20-40 miles away from the hotel and we have no way to getting there, We’re stranded. Him: I Said WE can’t do it, because of security and risk of stuff being stolen… Us: So, we cant authorize u to go into our room but the cleaning lady can come in the morning when we are gone..GREAT! He hangs up on us..SMH


DSC_0394This tree was kind of crazy…Look at the exposed roots

Day 2 Con’t Once More: After the manager hangs up on us, the girls call again and CINDY FERNANDEZ picks up. We once again plead that we are stranded and we need that paper. We know no one and can’t pay $300 cab to the hotel and back. CINDY FERNANDEZ: “Shut up, you’re stupid for getting your car towed, not having documentation and not having money.” Us: WTF, are you serious. Obviously CINDY thinks that we are not coming back before her shift ends. The tow guy sees how mad we are and lets us get the car without the paper. We get back to the telly and head right to the front desk where there is a girl standing. We ask for CINDY FERNANDEZ. She gets nervous and lies saying that “CINDY” is in the back room and she can’t come out at all. Us: hmmmm, really. Ok.



Day 2 con’t and almost over: We go upstairs to get ready for Leeia’s performance in Inglewood..Yes Inglewood. She was told to get there by 2 but we leave by 3:30 because we know they are black and it will never start on time..Sorry its the facts. And we were right. The promoter tells her that she wont be going on till later..Later ended up being 6am of Day 3…WTF. PROMPTNESS FAIL. We basically tell him that this was ridiculous and that we can’t do it and leave.

DSC_0334Traffic along La Cienega Blvd

DSC_0344Lady had her life on her bike

Day 3: we wake up, look for the managers and files about 3 complaints to everyone above them. And the crazy part was the even the security guard said that all they had to do was call security and they would’ve gone into the room and got the paper. He vibes with us and tells us that what they did was wrong and disgraceful and gives us ideas of what to put into the report and who to send the report to. After that ordeal. The rest of the trip was cool, we chilled on rodeo, chinese theater and beverly hills again and went to sleep to get the hell out of LA ASAP.

DSC_0349The Marriott hosted a Corvette convention. I drove in to take pictures


Day 4: On our last day we sleep late and check out on time. Upon checking out we told the day shift to tell CINDY FERNANDEZ that she better have some savings because she’s gonna out of a job soon. They laugh because and said that they hate her ass too. LMAO. We go to Red Lobster, Eat, return car and get more hidden charges. I blacked out on him and he basically took all of it off and credited me. lol. We get on the plane, lift off and about 5 hours later when we land we find out that there was a Earthquake that happened 30 minutes after we took off. (what are the odds??)

All in all, it was a great trip, with great people and a whole lot of laughs and drama. But i definitely have to go back to LA so they can redeem themselves.

DSC_0469The guy in here was Mexican and use the force to make me give him a dollar. Damn ur jedi mind tricks


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