T.I. Visits Harlem To Stop Violence


Yesterday was the “It’s Time To Bury The Beef” Rally in Harlem at the National Action Network. The special guest was non other than T.I., who came through to give his thoughts and tell the community that violence is senseless and there is no need for it. Other guests who spoke were Reverand Al Sharpton, Kevin Lyles, Queen Pen, and people of the community and organizations. After the everyone spoke, we all gathered outside to walk up the block to the block where a young man had died last week. I can honestly say that hearing T.I. speak to the Harlem community really shows that he is sincere about being regretful about his actions which has him about to do a year and a day in jail. Let’s hope that the youth of today understands this and choose the right path. (thnx to Sincere for putting me on to this)


More Photos After the jump…


DSC_0802T.I. and Al Sharpton

DSC_0811Lisa Evers of Hot 97 and Fox 5 asking questions

DSC_0823My homeboy Shalajar came out to support


DSC_0861Ja-Rule Cam out to support the cause

DSC_0797Mother of boy who died last week

DSC_0820Kevin Lyles




5 Responses to “T.I. Visits Harlem To Stop Violence”

  1. TI really is the “man”of the moment. He actions are unprecedented in that his is taking his celebrity, mistakes and all to another level by manning up and owning his errors. He is setting a great example for young and old when it comes to accountability for your actions.

    I hope that his message really penetrates the minds and hearts of black men and others who can learn from his mistakes.

    Thanks for this post. 🙂

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