BET Awards Nomination Special


My homeboy Nile blessed me with access to the BET Awards Nomination Special on 106 and Park. Here are some of the photos of the night. Sorry I dont have no info on it really. The only info that you need to know is that Keri Hilson is sexy as hell and I took a million photos of her, lol. To see all of the nominees you can go to

DSC_0093Jamie Foxx

DSC_0110Soulja Boy Tell Em…ICY

DSC_0137Keri Hilson (heart) I told yall i was gonna meet her…

DSC_0144Keri and Pharrell


DSC_0231Ryan Leslie


The Dream came thru with Christina Milian. I tried to get a pic of her on the upstairs but it was dark and we couldn’t use flash while live, damn. all i seen was blonde hair, lol


Day 26 was on stage doing the stanky leg during commercial, lol


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  1. […] HERE to see photos from the 106 and Park BET Awards Nomination […]

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