Swine Flu 09

human-swine-influenza-2009-11These are images of people in Mexico City who are taking precautions from catching the Swine Influenza Epidemic that has stricken areas of the world, including the US. This is really not what we need right now. Click HERE to see a lot more uploaded images on Flickr




2 Responses to “Swine Flu 09”

  1. Roughly 20 people in America have gotten the swine flu and only 1 has been hospitalized. *sigh*

  2. WAIT, according to CNN i’m wrong.
    This thing could wipe out half the Earth. Why the fuck do they not just shut the door on Mexico and New York now to stop it spreading? People say not to panic and keep referring to past false scares like Avian flu but this thing has now mutated and is KILLING HUMANS. It is highly contagious which means everyone on the face of the Earth is a potential victim!

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