BMW X5/X6 M…Ahhhhhhhh

1393255These are the new BMW X5 M Series and X6 M Series. This is a first and it looks so good. I can’t wait for the NY Car Show this weekend to see these beauties in the wild.

Here’s some car jargon that just sounds good

Mated to an M engine for the first time is a 6-speed M Sports Automatic transmission with full automatic mode as well as M driving mode. The latter can be actuated with the gear lever or with paddles behind the steering wheel. The driver can rev it up all the way to the redline before changing gears without any automatic interference from the car. This is also useful for the launch control function. Combined with xDrive AWD these and other systems are said to give both cars a 0 – 60mph sprint time of 4.5 seconds. Top speeds were not given but it is safe to assume an electronically limited figure of 155mph (250km/h).

Check out more HD photos and video over at World Car Fans




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