Really New Jersey Nets…FML


Scored some really close tickets to see the Nets play the Bucks last night (See Above.Thanks Ken). Let’s just say that I had to find out who won when I got home. 107 to F**king 78…NETS are you serious. My first time in the Izod center, my first Nets game, GREAT SEATS and this is how you gonna do me.


Ended up going up higher to sit with Ken, Stacey, Bryelle and Dillon still great seats but… This game was the worst. They were getting raped the whole game and the best part of this experience was literally everything in between them bouncing the ball. SMH

This is me angry that I left during the 3rd Quarter… GRRRRR


I may do a little contest for you, The Loyal Viewers, to get a chance to go to the Nets vs Bobcats game. I just checked and its Section 2 , row y, seat 11 which is even closer than where I was.


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