Nate Robinson’s “KryptoNate” Sneaker Release


Today was the release of Nate Robinson’s “KryptoNate” sneakers. These were the sneakers which he wore in the slam-dunk contest. I tried to wait out there for the past two days to see if I can get a spot so I can buy and flip them but I was out of luck. So I decided to go out and take photos. Check out the pics below



kryptohoh-4A pair of signed sneakers

kryptohoh-17These two were number 1 and 2 on the line


This is Noel Lee, the creator and Head Monster of Monster Cable Company aka the “Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones“. He was riding around on his pimped out segway throughout the store


I was trying to get a photo of the green Beats by Dr. Dre they had made for the sneakers but I couldnt get it sorry..SMh


kryptohoh-20All the kids came out to get autographs and posters


Mama Robinson waving for the camera, nice lady, she was helping out the whole time


They were giving out raffles to win a pair of Nates (that i was shut out of because i was press, smh). But this guy rolled in, got a number and won…Lucky Mutha…

kryptohoh-221Segway flow





This guy was 40 Acre Muled up expecting Spike Lee to come through but he never came. Smh at HOH false hopes, lol



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