Travis McCoy Gets Arrested

Travis McCoy, of Gym Class Heroes, was arrested the other day for third-degree assault and wasreleased by the judge for $500 bail. Apparently a crowd member called him a (insert Nas’ favorite word), and then Trav beat his ass with his microphone while performing. A cop who was on the scene commented and said that the person who was struck¬†was of the same race as Travis..

Hmmm crazy…¬†


11 Responses to “Travis McCoy Gets Arrested”

  1. man datz mad crazy but itz might not even have to do anything wit the dude bein the same race az travis we az young black ppl have gotton to comfterbal wit using that word and don’t see how it can’t effect some ppl

  2. giavonni how about you learn how to put together a proper sentence. Also go back to 3rd grade and learn to spell.

  3. karime_mcr Says:

    es hermoso!!!!

  4. what is homies race any way? Its people like the second poser who have people do dumb shit like wup somebodys ass with a microphone.

  5. Haha! he beat him with a microphone!? Lol!!!!


  7. i l o v e TRAVI$

  8. bbykakerz Says:

    oooo well i still love my boo and dont care wat anyone says about him.Im the real deal for this guy !!!!!!!!!

  9. If it doesn’t make sense, then it’s probably not the reason he kicked the guy’s a$$ …duh.

  10. He is my future….i’d te’re dat shiit upp.. Yo.

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